You might want to reconsider installing 14926 on Mobile – UPDATE

Today, after being down for a week, Microsoft has started to flight builds yet again. We got an update from build 14915 to 14926 and it contains a number of small improvements. However, out of conscious I’m going to discourage upgrading a Windows 10 Mobile device to this build because there are 2 major issues in here of which I cannot believe they got past testing or could be considered non-impacting allowing it into the Fast Ring.

First of, many people are reporting that the PIN-pad does no longer appear when swiping up your lock screen. The result is that you can no longer enter your phone, leaving you with no option but a hard reset or use the Windows Device Recovery Tool. A possible solution to avoid this issue is to remove your PIN-password before upgrading. However…

…I’m also seeing a lot of reports of people being hit by an even worse issue, including myself. So far, I’ve seen reports about Lumia 435, 640, 640 XL, 735, 830, 929, 930 and 1520 whom can no longer recognize the availability of a SIM-card. You know, that thing that makes your phone a phone. The only solution to this issue appears to be using the Windows Device Recovery Tool and go back.

These 2 issues are rather work-flow-breaking and will be affecting a number of people. According to Microsoft, both issues can be solved by performing a hard reset. However, out of own experience and other reports I can confirm that this is not always the case for the SIM-card issue. This leaves people with that issue where a hard reset does not work only with WDRT, but it isn’t a perfect one at all as the WDRT still installs Windows Phone 8.1 back on all of the mentioned devices, which means you’ll also have to upgrade again to Windows 10 Mobile afterwards. Even for Fast Ring users that are well aware about the dangers of being on the Fast Ring, getting stuck with a phone that can no longer phone is quite unacceptable. Another solution would be to stick to it and wait until the next build comes around.

Anyway, on top of this madness, there are 2 other issues I’m seeing being reported quite often. This includes phones that randomly reboot over and over again and phones that are unable to (automatically) connect to a Wi-Fi network, if they get Wi-Fi enabled at all.

UPDATE: Microsoft has added these 2 issues to their list of “Known issues” and are claiming that a hard reset solves both of them. However, I’ve got to say that out of my own experience and some others reporting the same, at least the SIM-issue isn’t always solved by doing so.

8 thoughts on “You might want to reconsider installing 14926 on Mobile – UPDATE”

  1. I too made the big mistake of letting microsoft download insider build 14926 – it bricked my
    beautiful Nokia lumia 1520

    microsoft leave the phone business
    you do not belong in the mobile business
    i will never by a microsoft product again

    1. Then don’t join the preview program. Fair, Microsoft made a massive mistake by not notifying Insiders of these issues beforehand which is why ChangeWindows is doing it. Considering 14931 hasn’t gone out to Insiders due to these issues, they are taking them as “blockers” so 14926 for Mobile should never have happened in the first place. But it did, and this is something you signed up for, you’re free to stay in the Current Branch.

  2. Well Said, lloyd. If Microsoft, can even provide an update without disturbing the basic phone operations, it’s an right time, that they shut their business.

    Note: It doesn’t mean that, just because they have said, that don’t install the latest builds on your primary phone, they can’t take the secondary phone for granted.

    1. Meanwhile Apple is damaging devices with stable updates. This is a preview program, there will be issues. The 2 mentioned in the article should have been warned for, sadly they didn’t, but so be it. Releasing a buggy alpha release is no reason to quit anything, that’s the very definition of alpha.

  3. Besides the Wi-Fi issue, I have another problem on my 640. The keyboard doesn’t appear at all and I can’t write a thing.

  4. I am using Lumia 650 with the fast ring updates, the latest one has been tried several times for the past few days, and it keeps failing after downloading and trying to install.
    Update: 10.0.14926.1000 – Error 0x80188308
    I’ve “retried” the update several times; it downloads correctly and seems to go through the process of downloading and installing the update.

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