Microsoft does plan to update Edge with the Store, partially, eventually

A while ago, I’ve talked about Microsoft having to let Edge live a life of its own. I’ll be damned. As Paul Thurrott has written it is happening. Partially. Eventually.

Microsoft has said that they do in fact plan to update Edge through the Windows Store. However, it isn’t as good as it sounds. Only Edge will be updated through the Store, that is, the front-end everyone uses. EdgeHTML, the render engine, will not get updates this way and continues to require updates over Windows Update (or put it another way: only when a new build is released to the public).

Why? The reason is simple. EdgeHTML isn’t part of Edge, it rather is part of Windows. Universal Windows Platform Apps use EdgeHTML all the time. Practically speaking, Edge (the front-end) is just another app running on the engine that happens to be a browser UI instead of a dedicated app for one cause. Updating EdgeHTML could potentiaal lead to issues with already existing apps on already existing versions of Windows 10. For obvious reasons, Microsoft doesn’t like that idea.

However, I would dare to argue that this isn’t a problem. EdgeHTML is a solid render engine already. Version 14 (the Anniversary Update release) works great and stands equal to other engines like Gecko and Blink. There really isn’t a need for a render engine to get updates every month. Twice a year is just fine. Edge on the other hand can use some attention, and freely being able to upgrade the app through the store on a regular (or perhaps irregular) base would make it that much better.

When is this going to happen? Well, don’t expect version 1607 to suddenly get updates to Edge through the Store. The safest bet is for this to start after Redstone 2’s release, maybe already during its development for Insiders…