Introducing Settings.json

Windows has plenty of settings. Problem is, they are spread all over the place. Since Windows 8.1 Microsoft has been working on bringing this all together once more in the then-called PC Settings app. For Windows 10, this became even more important and ever since we’ve seen Microsoft expand the settings available in Settings. Version 1507, 1511 and 1607 all brought a massive amount of new settings and old settings to the Settings app and version 1703 is appearing to become another massive step on the road.

But… how long is that road? That’s the question I asked myself. And personally, I couldn’t answer it either. And I want to change that. There should be a roadmap, listing every single setting native to Windows and whether or not they are available in the Control Panel, the Settings app or both. And today, I’m announcing the first step to such a roadmap:


Some of you might have already noticed this repository if you follow me on GitHub. Either way, Settings.json is a JSON file containing a list of settings. Right now, these are mostly settings that are available in Settings since I first started looking from the point of the Settings app. Now that this has been done, I feel its time to start showing the work. Next up, I’ll start looking in the Control Panel. Keep in mind that the current data in Settings (for the Control Panel) might be incorrect. There is still a lot, and I mean A LOT, of work to be done on this.

Which is why this is just a JSON-file right now. We’re planning to add a page to ChangeWindows where you will be able to see this in all its glory as a table with some stats, but that’s something for later.

If you want to contribute, if you think we’re missing something, feel free to help us on GitHub!