ChangeWindows 3.4: welcome to 2017

It’s perhaps late but… Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year (that last one isn’t late). Since ChangeWindows 3.0 launched, I’ve updated the website on a monthly basis with version 3.2 and 3.3. And while it is 1 January today, this month is no different. Welcome to ChangeWindows 3.4(.1701). Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Before we get started, some of you may think “Hold on, this has been there for days now” and to that I say “Yeah”. Most of these changes where rolled out on 22 December 2016.

A year in review

With ease the largest update to ChangeWindows this month is the A Year in Review page, celebrating another year of Windows Insider madness! On the “A Year in Review”-page you’ll find some statistics about Windows 10, Microsoft (that are relevant tot he Insider Program) and ChangeWindows. Next year we’ll do one again!

Milestone overview

Unlike any other view on ChangeWindows, the Milestone view did not have an overview but instead would show you all PC-builds by default. That’s no longer the case. We’ve redesigned the milestone page to show you the latest stable and unstable build for that milestone for each individual platform (no matter which ring) and we show you how many releases have been made for each platform. Additionally, the milestone navigation is now only available on that page.

Timeline filters

If you go to a timeline of a platform, you will now see a filter appear on the side to filter by year. This is the first filter we introduce to keep things simple for now, but there are more to come in future updates. Expect a filter for branches as well.

Rings page

For color contrast reasons, we’ve redesigned the Rings-page to be more userfriendly. We also updated the rings for some platforms as they where out-of-date (sorry for that).

Version share history

Another page that got a redesign is the Version share history. We got a number of complaints that percentages for small versions aren’t readable and that the graphs where confusing to look at because they where so close on each other. Both issues have been addressed in today’s update.