ChangeWindows 3.2 and an update to our content expansion

At the end of September, we launched ChangeWindows 3.0, since then, with version 3.1 we’ve brought a number of minor refinements, mostly to the management system we use. Today, we’ve put ChangeWindows 3.2 online, and although this update once again focusses on improving our Backstage, it also has some new tricks on its sleeves for you guys.

ChangeWindows 3.2

First off, we’ve updated the “build”-pages. You’ll notice that the color of the website now fully follows the color of the ring that build is in, so that the ring color no longer results in an ugly mismatch between the default blue and that ring color. More useful perhaps is that you can now hardlink to the “Release history” tab, you can do this by replacing the platform in the url with “history”. For example: This is likely very useful for those wanting to link to our patch notes.

Another major change can be found on the “Milestones” page. You’ll notice a “Version share”-tab, which allows you to dive into our historic data from July 2015 up until October 2016 and see how one version of Windows 10 overtakes the other. That data isn’t the same as we showed in previous versions (2.x, 3.0 and 3.1) since we’ve taken on a new source.

A third major change can be found on our “Rings” page. It got a full redesign and now shows every ring for every branch instead of a general overview. Very similar to the image we showed with our The Lord of The Rings post from earlier this month.

The fourth and final major change is invisible for you guys, but makes it much easier for me to manage ChangeWindows as the Backstage has been reworked with an improved design, easier addition of new builds, releases and milestones and more.

Content expansion

In October, we promised to expand our reach far beyond what we had so far. We would include Team, improve our coverage on Server, IoT and Xbox and we would expand our coverage to all rings for all platforms.

Now, a good 3 weeks later, Team has been added to our website, we’ve added all Rings we didn’t cover so far and our coverage for both Server and Xbox has been expanded to cover every build and patch for both platforms that got released ever since Windows 10 came around. IoT also got all its patches listed. The only thing we’ve yet to do is add changelogs for previous IoT builds. This is something we hope to finish this November or in early December, so stay tuned for that!

2 thoughts on “ChangeWindows 3.2 and an update to our content expansion”

  1. Can’t find full build strings and links to Windows Blog announcements on build pages anymore. Is it intended? This information was indeed useful.

    1. This is intended, however, don’t worry: we haven’t stopped tracking both after we jumped to 3.0, all recent builds have – just like those that where already there – their full buildstring and link to the Windows Blog or KB articles in our database, we’re planning to add the UI for this back with ChangeWindows 3.3.

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